Friday, July 25, 2014

What the psychic told me

I went to a psychic tonight. It's only the second time I've ever been to one. The first time was when I lived in Philadelphia. I drove a little bit out of the city to her place for a tarot card reading. She had a lot of good reviews online and I was going through some things so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Well, that one turned out to be a pretty emotional experience. I should also frame this entry by saying I've always been an extremely practical person and still don't really believe in psychic-type stuff, regardless of what happened in that reading. But that first psychic repeated some things to me that I've never told anyone. And she freakin' named names. Regardless, I'm still not completely sold on the psychic thing, but I do think there's some value in the comfort it can bring. And it's just fun and interesting, almost in a taboo sort of way.

Since Arkansas is severely lacking in psychics, I decided I wanted to go to one before leaving San Francisco. So I called up the one near my house on my lunch break today to see if I could get a tarot reading later. The lady immediately asked if I was from Arizona. I told her no, I'm from Arkansas. I know, it sounds like a rocky start. But people often think "AR" stands for Arizona instead of Arkansas, so I just figured maybe her geographical knowledge wasn't quite up to par with her intuitions. Close enough. I also made sure to not give her my last name over the phone because I didn't want her googling me for info. There is way too much material about me online (years and years worth) that could be used in a reading.

Anyway, I walked into her shop around 7:30, was greeted, and sat down at a small table just inside the door for my reading. She dealt the cards, and here are some of the things I was told (while it's all still fresh on my mind):

• I'm going to live a long and healthy life. Kinda generic, and I'm not quite sure I believe this one, with all the health problems I've had in the past. I'm also pretty bad about texting while walking and have almost been hit by buses a few times, so I've always kinda figured I'd die in my mid-fifties at the latest. But it was comforting to hear.

• She asked me some questions about an ex and then told me I was going to find someone I'd be extremely compatible with the second week of October. She made it sound like he'd be "the one." She also said I'd meet him through a friend, and that maybe we'd be friends first, too. Which seems maybe a little unlikely because, well, I don't really have any friends. A guy did ask me out on a date for August, though. Maybe if I can put that off for a couple months, he'll end up being "the one." I'm hoping that's how this works.

• She said I'd be taking vacations in both August and November, which is eerily true. I'm flying back to Arkansas in August. It's not really a vacation so much as I'm moving back home, but I think it counts. And in November I've got a ticket for the Perfume concert in NYC. She said the trip in November would be very fulfilling spiritually, and I can totes see a Perfume concert doing that for me.

• She said I'm making the right decision in leaving my job, and that I'd be offered something better in about six weeks. This new thing might include the opportunity to own part of a business, and she said she wasn't worried about me financially. Which obviously made me happy because now I don't have to stress about my eBay addiction.

• Someone in my family is having or will be having back problems. It will be recommended they get surgery, but they won't need it. Just a little physical therapy. I guess we'll have to wait and see about this one.

• Someone I've known for a year or more will try to come back into my life. This person thinks I've wronged him in some way (even though I haven't) and he'll try to get back at me. So I need to watch out for this. I can only imagine I've pissed off quite a few people online with all my videos and stuff, so I'm now just assuming you're all out to get me.

• Three of my chakras are not properly aligned. I don't remember two of them, but one was my "root." I don't know anything about chakras, but that doesn't sound good. Maybe my lack of "root" has something to do with my tripping all the time. Or maybe that's simply because I insist on wearing lifts inside my shoes to make my legs look long and fabulous.

• My childhood wasn't always great, and I struggled through some things, but they made me a stronger person who now doesn't take nonsense from others. Again, kinda generic. I think you could say this to any gay kid who grew up in the South and you'd be hitting the nail on the head.

• I should try to do some meditating, or take some time for myself, and maybe go on some walks. Sort of a general recommendation as meditation would probably be good for anyone. But she was correct in saying I probably need to do this more.

• And, finally, she said I'm a very lucky person. And that I try to be honest and I have a good heart. *flips hair* *smiles*

There were other things, but I don't remember the details as well as all those. Overall, I'd say it was an interesting experience. Comforting, definitely, and fun, but I'm still not quite a believer. This psychic seemed to tell me way more specifics about my future than the first one, whereas the first one seemed to tell me more about myself and the people around me (although there was some future stuff sprinkled in as well).

To summarize, if you want me to fall in love with you, just plan on bumping into me around the second week of October. And if you're someone from my past and you think I've wronged you, I totally haven't, and I've got my eyes on you.



  1. I've never gone to a psychic. The thought of it horrifies me. I'm generally a neurotic and fairly paranoid person with a tendency to have racing, obsessive thoughts. I'd be terrified that they would tell me something bad and I'd spend the rest of my days preparing for some inevitable, horrific end. Which I already do anyway so really it's just a question of having the time in the day to devote to ANOTHER self-destructive thought.

  2. I've been to a family friend who was supposedly a psychic and she said I had "the gift" and that basically, I was "The Chosen One" and junk, and I was like "Mmmm hmmm, okay (Wut-eva)". lol

    Never been to a professional, but always wanted to; there are a couple here in Vegas that are supposed to be good.

    Look up Avatar (the last air bender) and Chakras, Guru Patik(sp) explains each one and how to unblock them quite well!

  3. I've never been to a psychic, but mostly cause I'm so damn skeptical. Not that psychics or mediums actually exist, but that the person in front of me actually has that sort of ability; I'd rather spend that money on a new book XD. I have my own deck of tarot cards, but I highly doubt I could find my future in them. Heck, I've got my feet so firmly set on the ground that anything spiritual is a struggle for me. My best friend (who's semi-sensitive and has several personal stories about the spooks she's encountered) says I'm like a rock/ghost repellent due to my oblivious nature.

    I've always been interested in palm reading, personally. There's some medical fact in it, since looking at a person's hands can tell you about the person. Like how the color and ridges in a nail can point to things about your health, line depth can give you a clue to their energy level, stuff like that. I have a horrible memory for details like that, so sadly I could never read someone's palm without a book open next to me telling me what I'm looking at XD

  4. I want to go to a psychic soooo bad. I want to find out all the freaky things I'm in got,.

  5. I always find it comforting to give myself a tarot reading when I'm having a rough time. I don't believe in magic but it does help me organize my thoughts. I had my palm read once and she ended up telling me some interesting things about my future that actually came true.

  6. The one time I went to a "psychic" at a friends Halloween party, and she knew that I had a crush on the fictional character Trunks from Dragonball Z and I had NEVER told anyone that, because it was so embarrassing :p I freaked out. Creepy shit. I was 8 I think.

  7. I'm curious as to what my psychic would say....