Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photo dump

I stayed up late last night transferring tons of photos off my camera from when my BFF was visiting, and also I went to the SF Japanese Tea Garden this weekend. Here are links to the corresponding galleries on my Flickr.

Places I went with my BFF when she was visiting:
Since we had the car rented, we also drove to Gilroy so we could go to a Sonic and Wal-Mart because I hadn't been to either since I left Arkansas. And Wal-Mart is literally Mecca to an Arkansan.

And this weekend:
Also uploaded some photos from the past that I never put up:
Here's a sampling of some of the things you'll find:



  1. Tanner WolvertonJuly 27, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    It made me so happy to see the Bay. I hope you had a lot of fun there. Monterey, Ca has so many memories for me. xo

  2. Oh!
    It's Arkansans?
    I would've said Arkansonians! LOL
    *The more you know ��* ��

    FYI, in the podcast you mentioned people who've said Gilroy "had a smell"... It's the location of an annual Garlic Festival! lol

  3. The photos are wonderful :)

  4. You had the best day for these events, so sunny!